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The Path - your dream life planner!

The Path is an all-in-one monthly planner that programs your mind for success by giving you a step-by-step system that makes you achieve all your goals and live your dream life.

Get 2 hours extra in the day
• Eliminate distraction and procrastination;
• Better manage your time.
Find direction and have an organized life
• Feel that your life has meaning;
• No more over overwhelmed.
Adopt habits that serve you
Let go of your bad habits;
• Track your financial habits;
• Get motivation and focus.

Become unstopable
• Establish your daily focus;
• Act on your excitement;
• Witness your evolution.

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Success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics! Have the right mindset and you will change the world. Designed with my proven mindset success NLP and coaching techniques into a planner you use every day to achieve more than ever before.


Firstly, you write down who you are and what you want (values, vision and mission). Than you define specific long term goals. Starting with who and where you want to be in the future you build your present actions and roadmap. Success has never been simpler.


Your life is the results of your habits. The Path is the only planner that uses a 2500 year old Buddhist proven principle to help you eliminate habits that don’t serve you and adopt new empowering habits. Success is as simple as doing the small things right


The Path is a monthly planner (5 weeks).It is a system very carefully designed that has the right sections to lead you to success. Divided in monthly, weekly and daily sections, guides you throughout the day! It is designed to make you get the most out of every day with its 4 pages sections.